NTS Test Preparation Tips and Guide Line

All Pakistani Students who applied for Jobs or admission to a university must have a good awareness of NTS. The word NTS that you heard a lot actually means National Testing Service. Just as its name manifests, it is a proper testing system and, as a matter of fact, Pakistan’s most renowned one. They conduct appropriate exams of students to test their eligibility for certain positions like a vacant job post or seat in a university. If you ever took the NTS exam then you must know that their testing system is not a piece of cake as students have to work very hard and prepare as much as possible just to be able to pass it.

History of NTS:
While many institutes and scholars are very grateful for this organization, a great number of students hate the establishment of NTS because of their tough testing system. As much as you may like or dislike it, NTS came into being in July 2002. It was established at a time when a number of departments and institutes felt a need for such a system that would filter the number of applicants based on their abilities. This way it was less effort for them and they would also get the best of eligible candidates. So, as its requirement was demanded in Information Technology Policy and National Education Policy of Government of Pakistan, they finalized the decision of putting this idea to practice and thus we got our respected (or hated in some cases) National Testing Service.

NTS Test Preparation Tips and Guide Line

Chemistry Physics Biology
Computer English
Islamiyat Logical Reasoning Analytical
Pedagogy Pak History General Knowledge
Pak Study Current Affairs

Purpose of NTS:
National Testing Service aims to make Pakistan market the best in the world by producing the best of the human resources that can compete and win all international standards. To materialize the prestigious objective, it facilitates Pakistani organizations with the best possible testing and assessment services. It is working to establish and further develop the standards in the field of education and professions.
To fulfill its purpose, it also conducts research on the educational and professional systems of Pakistan. This way it evaluates the liabilities that are pulling our systems backward so it can be adjusted.NTS is admired on international levels that can be guessed by its membership of the International Association for Educational Assessment and recognition by our very own Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

NTS Tests and Product
NTS Tests as mentioned above are the most successful and admired tests in Pakistan. Their work and quality are respected internationally. They have different categories and designs known as their Test and Products that are used to scrutinize for different positions. These test and products are used for the test of:

  •   Admissions
  •   Scholarships
  •   Recruitment
  •   Promotions
  •   Assessment
  •   Corporate Social Responsibility

All of these tests and assessments can be divided into two main categories that are specified according to their purpose. These categories have further products to examine the abilities for the above-mentioned purposes. These NTS categories are called:

  • National Test
  • International Test

National Tests:
These are called national tests because are conducted to serve for purposes only on a national level. By national level mean everything that is within the boundaries of Pakistan. These tests may be used for admission to a university within Pakistan or a job that is in Pakistan. National Test result certificate has great value in Pakistan but they are useless when it comes to international level other than making a bullet on your resume. Still these tests follow a pattern that is being used on an international level by organizations such as SAT or GRE. All of NTS offered National Tests are mentioned below:

  •     National Aptitude Test (NAT) – for undergraduate program
  •     Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) -General
  •     Graduate Assessment Test (GAT) -Subject
  •     Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW GAT)
  •     National Teachers Database Program (NTDP)
  •     Medical Representatives Certification Program (MRCP)
  •     Customized Tests
  •     E-marking

International Test

NTS being Pakistan’s most famous testing service also facilitates tests that are internationally accepted. These tests can be used to apply for a post or seat in a foreign company or institute. All of NTS international testare to administer international language proficiency especially English and behavioral examination. In language tests, a candidate’s language skills in English or French (only language test offered by NTS) are inspected on different levels depending on the product. Even in the English language, there are different types of tests to inspect different categories and levels of skills like there is one test for Listening and Reading, and there is another test for Speaking and Writing. In addition, there are also tests for the primary and junior level of students depending on the program they applied for. All of NTS International Tests are the following:

  •     Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Primary – +8 years
  •     Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Junior – +11 years
  •     Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)-ITP
  •     Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) – L&R
  •     Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) – S&W
  •     Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) Bridge
  •     Work FORCE Assessment for Job Fit
  •     Test de Français International (TFI) – Proficiency test for French

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